Ricky Skerritt steps down as CWI President, and Dr. Kishore Shallow are elected successor

Dr. Kishore Shallow (on the left) was Skerritt's vice president

A New Era for Cricket West Indies: Dr. Kishore Shallow Takes the Helm

Dr. Kishore Shallow (on the left) was Skerritt's vice president

Change-related breezes are moving in the world of cricket, with Cricket West Indies (CWI) announcing the appointment of a new president. Ricky Skerritt, who has held the position for the last four years, has decided to step down, opening the door for Dr. Kishore Shallow to take over the reins. Dr. Shallow has been serving as a vice president under Skerritt, and his election to the presidency is seen as a natural progression of his involvement with CWI.

As the new president, Dr. Shallow is expected to bring a fresh perspective and renewed energy to the organization, which has faced numerous challenges in recent years. He has promised to prioritize unity and inclusivity in his approach to leading the organization, recognizing that only by working together can West Indies cricket make meaningful progress. Azim Bassarath, a well-known figure in Trinidad and Tobago cricket, has also been elected as the new vice-president, and both men will serve a two-year term.

The transition comes at an essential time for CWI, with the organization set to co-host the Twenty20 World Cup in 2024. The following 18 months will be crucial for the organization as it prepares to welcome India for a 10-game series in July-August and finalizes its plans for the World Cup. With new leadership at the helm, CWI hopes to build on the progress made under Skerritt’s tenure and take West Indies cricket to new heights.


“I fled. I didn’t run for reelection. Former West Indies squad boss Skerritt told Cricketnews on Sunday night, “I always said four years would be enough for me. The CWI Annual General Meeting (AGM), which was convened in Antigua on Saturday, approved the change of dispensation. (March 25).


At the 24th Annual General Meeting of Cricket West Indies, held at the prestigious Coolidge Cricket Ground in Antigua, the election process was the highlight of the agenda. Shareholders and stakeholders eagerly awaited the outcome of the election, which would determine the organization’s future. The election process was conducted transparently and fairly, with Dr. Kishore Shallow emerging as the new president of CWI.

Dr. Shallow hails from the picturesque islands of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and his election is seen as a significant moment for cricket in the Caribbean. His appointment as president represents a shift in the organization’s leadership, with new ideas and perspectives expected to drive the organization forward. The election of Azim Bassarath as vice president further strengthens the leadership team, and together, they are expected to lead the organization through a critical period of growth and development.


“I truly thank the outgoing President Ricky Skerritt for his most recent commitment to our cherished game on behalf of Cricket West Indies.”During one of our most trying times, the COVID-19 pandemic, he served with honor and dignity. We have progressed under his leadership,” Dr. Shallow said.


“It is encouraging to see the shareholders’ overwhelming vote of confidence,” he continued. I sincerely appreciate their assistance and that of all the other participants during the election process. I am fully aware of the significant burden as I begin this new position with Vice President Bassarath. Unity and tolerance continue to be the pillars of my ideology. Because the West Indies cricket team will only progress significantly as a cricket country if we combine our resources and efforts.

Cricket West Indies (CWI) is set to face a packed schedule over the next 18 months as it prepares to co-host the highly-anticipated Twenty20 World Cup in June 2024. With the tournament fast approaching, the organization is working tirelessly to ensure that everything is in place for the successful execution of the event.

According to a CWI official, the organization is finalizing its schedule for the coming year, including confirming venues for matches against India and England. The official also revealed that the organization would turn to the T20 World Cup preparations once this is completed.

With the world’s attention focused on the Caribbean for the upcoming tournament, the CWI will need to ensure that everything is to make the event a grand success. It will include coordinating with the other co-hosts of the event, ensuring the safety of all participants and spectators, and ensuring that the cricketing action is of the highest quality. As the organization prepares for this critical period, the appointment of Dr. Kishore Shallow as the new president is seen as a significant development. His leadership is expected to usher in a new era of growth and success for cricket in the Caribbean.

If everything goes according to plan, a busy but exhilarating 18 months will change our company and lay a solid basis for the future, a CWI official said to this website following the AGM. India will play a 10-game series in the Caribbean in July and August.

Skerritt is a native of Saint Kitts and Nevis. In March 2019, he succeeded outgoing president Dave Cameron to become CWI’s leader. He had publicly stated that he would not run for reelection.

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