Suryakumar Yadav: The Bowler’s Nightmare in T20 Cricket

suryakumar yadav, mumbai indians

Mumbai Indians’ Bowling Woes: Can They Turn it Around in IPL 2023?

In Nathan Ellis’ one-over, he made the bowler alter his strategy twice and still prevailed.

suryakumar yadav, mumbai indians
Dasgupta at Cricketnews: Surya was out of runs, not out of form.


Mumbai Indians’ bowling attack has been underperforming in IPL 2023, as seen by their low rankings in all bowling metrics. It’s not a record any team would want to hold to let up 200 goals in four straight games. The Mumbai Indians’ batting lineup offers some promise, though; in two of those games, they were able to chase down 200 successfully. It proves that even if a particular aspect of the game isn’t working, other elements can step in and fill the void. Although the Mumbai Indians’ bowling attack could use some work in the upcoming games, their recent performances show they are still in the running for a playoff spot.


On Wednesday, against Punjab Kings, Uttarakhand native Akash Madhwal, Mumbai indian’sIndians newest rookie, displayed his extraordinary talent by throwing a perfect yorker outside off. He appeared to have the batter in danger because of his accurate and precise delivery. To everyone’s astonishment, Jitesh Sharma, who has incredible timing, managed to time Akash’s delivery perfectly and hit it away for a boundary through point. Because Akash’s talent and labor of love were not correctly recognized, this incident has caused controversy and may prompt protests from rights organizations. Despite this setback, Akash Madhwal’s talent shouldn’t be overlooked, and we can anticipate him to recover stronger in subsequent matches and demonstrate his value.

The potent four-spinner attack of the Lucknow Super Giants provides them an advantage when taking advantage of slow turners. Despite this lead, they failed to win either of their remaining two home games. The lack of adaptation of the spinners is the leading cause of their losses. They should have read the game because they were distracted by the slow pitch conditions. On the other hand, the rival teams only possessed two frontline spinners, but they were skilled at utilizing their advantages and adjusting their strategy accordingly. If Lucknow had shown the same level of adaptation and prioritized winning over depending on their supposedly great offense, the losses would have been avoided.


Being that the Impact Player lengthens batting orders and increases risk-taking prowess, the notion that bowlers in T20 cricket have little agency is only recently becoming widely accepted. Every format of cricket has some element of luck, but because the design is so condensed, it is difficult to determine whether the effectiveness of the delivery influences the result.

Bowlers typically show up and perform the same actions, yet the outcomes might be very different. The fact that Suryakumar Yadav has been able to make bowlers and captains defenseless for at least three years should have sped up this discourse. If you had forgotten, he was golden duck’s phase; Suryakumar repeated it in just one over.

In the 14th over of the chase, Nathan Ellis, the best bowler in the King’s attack, had the ball. In the previous over, Suryakumar Yadav had executed the renowned open-face drive for a six behind square on the off side. Ellis reasoned that he would defend that limit and dismiss slower pitches outside of it. Suryakumar Yadav ran over and scooped it for a pair after Ellis had nailed it, giving it the power to clear a short fine leg with a late flip of the wrists.


suryakumar yadav, mumbai indians
suryakumar yadav cheering himself for battling against the Enemy Team


The Lucknow Super Giants’ Four-Spinner Attack: A Missed Opportunity

Ellis so reasoned that he would bowl straight and protect the leg side. Although Suryakumar Yadav played the slice-drive over point again, he was not off the mark this time either. Mumbai scored four runs due to the slower delivery, which prevented it from going for a six.

Ellis returned to Plan A after becoming haunted. Suryakumar Yadav retrieved it from the outside off and somehow applied enough force to the scoop for the slower ball to pass short fine leg for an additional two runs.


Its batting was absurd. Ellis wouldn’t have had even that as a slower-ball bowler. Lone Man is policing the boundary behind the square against any other batsman. Suryakumar needs to be more proficient behind square, especially when AB de Villiers retired from the game, as seen above.

When the article was published, Suryakumar Yadav had scored 46% of his runs during the previous two and a half years behind square, averaging a boundary every 2.4 balls in that game area and maintaining a strike rate of 230.4. Suryakumar Yadav scored 270 runs in his 66-ball innings on Wednesday, sending 14 balls behind for more than half of his runs while hitting a boundary with about every other ball he played there.

The problem is that if Kings had moved to defend both of the square’s boundaries, they would have had to make room for additional cover or midwicket. In addition, Suryakumar Yadav is fearless in hitting fours and sixes there.

Suryakumar’s role in facilitating the successful pursuit of 215 was nothing new, but consider this: in a format where bowlers aren’t crucial, they are much less critical to Suryakumar. That confidence when he chewed gum and acknowledged the cheers for turning fifty was appropriate.


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