Everything about volleyball, including its history, regulations, court, players, and equipment.


Volleyball can be played both indoors and outdoorsEverything about Volleyball Game: History| Rules| Court |Players & Equipment

Volleyball is a sport played by two teams of three players each. Volleyball can be played both indoors and outdoors. The ball is hit over the net using one’s hand or arm in volleyball.

Are you a volleyball player or a spectator? Are you seeking volleyball knowledge for a project or another reason where you need to know everything there is to know about the game? Or do you intend to start playing this game as a fitness or recreational activity? This post is for you if you answered yes to any of these questions. In this article, we will discuss volleyball games and provide any information you may require. We will examine numerous facets of the game, and at the end of this post, you will have answers to all of your questions and volleyball game facts.


Do you know that when learning about a sport, such as volleyball, the game’s history can help us define the rules, how the game is played, how the courts are set up, and what equipment should be used? While we all know that volleyball is a sport played between two teams separated by a net, there is much more to discover. In the following parts, we will go through in-depth volleyball game information to help you learn more about the game.

What Is The History Of The Volleyball Game?

What Is The History Of The Volleyball Game?

Let us begin with volleyball’s history and then go on to other parts of the game. Volleyball was invented in Massachusetts in 1895. William G. Morgan, the developer of volleyball, was the YMCA’s physical director at the time. The game was designed for executives to play on an indoor volleyball court. Another noteworthy fact about volleyball is that it was added to the Olympics in 1964. In the following sections, we’ll examine how volleyball’s history influences various parts of the game, such as the rules, courts, and equipment.

What Are The Rules Of Volleyball?

What Are The Rules Of Volleyball?

When discussing volleyball regulations, the game’s history plays a significant role in establishing most rules created over the years. The laws of the game and methods to score volleyball game points are as follows:

  • A team consists of six players, three on the frontline and three on the back row.
  • This game employs the rally-point scoring system, with points awarded for each serve.
  • Players are not permitted to hit the ball twice in a row.
  • Hitting the ball on the boundary line is an “in”.
  • The ball is regarded as “out” if it contacts the antenna, the cable or net outside the antenna, the pole or referee stand, the ceiling above the non-playable area, or the floor outside the court.
  • It is legal for the ball to contact any player’s body parts in this game.
  • It is prohibited to throw, hold, or catch the ball.
  • Attacking or blocking a serve from or inside the 10-foot line is prohibited.
  • After the service, the frontcourt players can switch positions at the net.
  • Each match consists of sets. The game’s difficulty level determines the number of sets.

When getting volleyball game information, it is critical to understand the rules. The other components of this game will be discussed in the following parts

What Are The Objectives Of The Volleyball Game?

We discussed how to play volleyball in the last part, but what is the goal of this game? The purpose of volleyball is to win the match by guaranteeing that the ball hits the opponent’s court and preventing the ball from reaching your court.

Volleyball Court Dimensions

Volleyball Court Dimensions

Volleyball court dimensions are also critical in the game, and matches are held on indoor and outdoor courts with the measurements specified in this section. The court’s length and width are 18 m and 9 m, respectively, divided in half by a net that is 1 m wide and around 8 m high. The court’s lines and zones include the centre line, attack lines, serving area, and replacement zone.

Player Positions

Player Positions

The court description is an essential aspect of volleyball material for project work, study, or simply understanding the game. The location of the players is another vital part of the game. Both sides have six players each. Three players are on the front court, while the remaining three are on the backcourt. The players’ positions are setter, middle blocker, outside hitter, weakside hitter, and libero.

Common Strategies For Scoring Points

Let us now discuss how to score volleyball points. While scoring and the pointer system were discussed in the previous section, this section will focus on scoring techniques. Some of the methods you and your team can use to get points while adhering to volleyball laws and regulations are as follows:‍

  • The goal is to make it challenging for the opposing side to return the ball, and one innovative approach to do so is to serve the ball so that it is difficult for the opposing team to replace it.
  • Frontcourt players can jump at the net to hit the ball, also known as attacking in volleyball parlance. • Frontcourt players can also try blocking by reaching above the net to block the ball going towards them.
  • Before the ball is returned over the net, your team will get three hits. An excellent technique is to make your opponent’s third hit more challenging to play.

With the Best Volleyball, you can win every match.

With the Best Volleyball, you can win every match.

Whether you need volleyball knowledge for a project, as a player, or to learn more about the game, we have you covered. So here is a list of the top volleyball balls you can get from Decathlon online or in-store for practice and tournaments.

1.Indoor Volleyball V500: White, Blue, or Red

1.Indoor Volleyball V500: White, Blue, or Red
Indoor Volleyball V500: White, Blue, or Red

To begin, we have the Decathlon Volleyball Indoor Ball V500. This tri-coloured ball is intended for intermediate players who have mastered the game’s skills and mechanics. This is the ball for you if you know how to play volleyball. Indoor matches and practice are better with this ball. The ball weighs between 260 and 280 g and has an exterior synthetic coating for a nice feel. This ball costs Rs. 1,299 and comes with a 2-year warranty.

‍2. Outdoor Volleyball VBO100, Yellow/Blue

Outdoor Volleyball VBO100, Yellow/Blue
Outdoor Volleyball VBO100, Yellow/Blue

If you’re searching for a volleyball to use on an outdoor volleyball court, this is the one to get. This ball is intended for beginners and helps them learn volleyball rules and regulations and the fundamentals of the game. Decathlon sells this ball, designed for outdoor matches and training, for Rs. 999. This volleyball game ball weighs between 260 and 280 g. A 2-year warranty covers this ball.

‍3. Stitched Beach Volleyball 100 Classic-Turtle Green Size 5

‍3. Stitched Beach Volleyball 100 Classic-Turtle Green Size 5
Stitched Beach Volleyball 100 Classic-Turtle Green Size 5

According to volleyball game facts, beach volleyball is a version of the game also played worldwide. The volleyball rules and regulations, as does the ball used in this game variation, differ here. The next item on our shopping list is a beach volleyball ball. This ball was created for fun beach games with friends and family. The feel of this volleyball is soft and comfortable for a better grip, and the ball also inhibits up to 15% water absorption. This ball costs Rs. 4,99 on Decathlon and comes with a 2-year warranty.‍

4.Indoor Volleyball V100-Turquoise Blue

.Indoor Volleyball V100-Turquoise Blue
Indoor Volleyball V100-Turquoise Blue

When we look at the history of volleyball, we can see that it was initially intended to be played indoors. The Volleyball Indoor Ball V100 is the third item on our list, an indoor volleyball ball. This turquoise blue ball is designed for beginners who are developing new skills and practising the game. The synthetic exterior material provides a comfortable grip and feel. The pricing of this ball on Decathlon is Rs. 699, with a 2-year warranty.

‍5. White/Red Volleyball V900

‍5. White/Red Volleyball V900
White/Red Volleyball V900

The next best volleyball ball on our list is one that is FIVB-approved. The Volleyball V900 is built for professional matches and challenging practice. This is the ball you use for competitions and rules if you know how to play volleyball and are an expert. The ball’s weight, bounce, and grip all meet official specifications. This ball is available online and in-store at Decathlon for Rs. 1,999 and has a 2-year warranty.

‍6. Blue/Yellow VB 100

‍6. Blue/Yellow VB 100
Blue/Yellow VB 100

Last but not least on our list is the VB100, which is appropriate for all levels of volleyball players. Knowing the ball is a crucial component of understanding the volleyball game. This ball is composed of PU, which is gentle on the arms. The ball has a two-year warranty and costs Rs. 599 at Decathlon. 


Volleyball is an excellent sport for remaining in shape and fit. The game provides a total body workout for the players. As we complete this volleyball post, we hope it has been helpful to all players, lovers, and people who want to learn how to play the game. This page has covered various volleyball-related issues, such as the game’s history, game points, rules and regulations, volleyball courts, etc. We also looked at the best volleyballs for your game, and we hope that this article has helped you understand more about this sport.


For all our readers who enjoy volleyball, we have answered some of the most often-asked questions about the game and its various facets.

1.What type of ball do professional volleyball players use?

The ball used by professional volleyball players in big international competitions is one of the most crucial pieces of knowledge about the game. The ball in question is the Mikasa MVA200.

2.What are the three most significant volleyball facts?

Volleyball, like every other sport, offers a plethora of fascinating facts. Regarding volleyball, the game’s history is full of such facts. Three intriguing facts about the game are as follows:

  • Initially, volleyball was an indoor sport.
  • In 1900, the first volleyball ball was explicitly created for the volleyball game.
  • This game was initially known as Mintonette.

4. Who is credited with inventing volleyball?

William G. Morgan devised the volleyball game in 1895. 


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