While England might not be as good as expected, Australia is excellent.

While England might not be as good as expected, Australia is excellent.

England gear gave off the impression that they wanted to be there

Bairstow carting a protester back to the Grand Stand was the only time an Englishman extolled domination.

Two Stop Oil protesters stormed the field on Lord’s opening day carrying cans of yellow paint powder. They attempted to spread as much of it as possible around the area, but Jonny Bairstow, Ben Stokes, and David Warner stopped them. Could you think of three worse cricketers to face off against?

There was no severe obstruction to the process other than Jonny Bairstow sprinting into the home dressing room to change out of a now orange-stained white jersey. When viewed from the press box, it wasn’t necessary to use the auxiliary pitch, which is two rows beyond the main strip. As it turned out, the only time an Englishman praised domination on day one was when Bairstow carried one of the demonstrators back to the Grand Stand from where he had emerged.

To emphasize how pointless the protest was, any yellow debris on the field was cleared away using a gasoline-powered blower. An honorable one in light of the damaging consequences fossil fuels have on the climate. There was, however, a persistent feeling that everything was too far gone, similar to many other things we need to change about the world. Even among believers, there is enough uncertainty over the effectiveness of such actions to allow the annoyance of inconvenience, no matter how slight, to rule as the predominant feeling.

“They have consistently shown complete disregard for the people who pay to attend events,” CEO Guy Lavender stated in a press release from the MCC about the protest that was released an hour later. Twenty-four hours before, the organization had to deal with a reprimand from the Independent Commission for Equity in Cricket for being woefully out of step with “contemporary Britan.” This line was far more educational than he would have intended.

Australia are quite good, England might not be as good as they thought
Jonny Bairstow removes a ‘Just Stop Oil’ pitch invader from the field 

Only certain people can live in Cricket’s house, primarily those who can afford the admittance fee. A charge that MCC thought gave those who could afford it the right to a full day of play without being reminded that the principal sponsor of the stadium, JP Morgan, is the worst fossil fuel financing bank in the entire world.

They also have the right to, uh, not watch the Cricket. The afternoon meander to the various greens of the Nursery Ground, Coronation, and Harris Gardens is just as joyful as the members scurrying for seats in the Pavilion before the start of play. They eventually realize that all the Cricket hinders their conversation during the day.

However strong their loyalty to this England team may be, you may appreciate the motive of those bettors on this particular occasion. This was by no means a good show to watch. Excessively full bowling at an unnervingly slow rate Nuts was so bare that the birthmarks were visible.

Except for Josh Tongue during his second Test, no one wearing England gear gave off the impression that they wanted to be there, which is damning in and of itself. The ideal circumstances one could hope for in this field had failed them. Even Stokes didn’t seem to be in the customary mood; he fiddled only when Travis Head was being tested with the short ball and otherwise stuck to the textbook fields depicted in several wall paintings in the locked Long Room.

England certainly felt a little jealous of the empty seats in the grandstand as they battled through the final 83 grueling overs. If only they would stroll away and unwind instead of addressing Australia’s screw-turning inanely.

The players would have thought nothing of it in the past. They are all aware that this is where people who aren’t really into Cricket go more to be seen than to do any seeing. However, given all the success leading up to this summer, all the Bazball energy leading up to an Ashes match, and even the way the Edgbaston opener played out on a day-to-day basis, something about these vacant white seats produced far more of a stain than any yellow color.

There was a feeling of hopelessness. Of a squad that takes pleasure in being entertaining whether they win or lose, just completely forgetting the plot of their most acclaimed—and thus most watched—series to date. The same uninteresting conclusions could be drawn whether you watched the 339 runs and five wickets match or just the first session. Australia is a good country. They might not be as good as they thought about England.

Holly Stand and Western Terrace are absent from this area. No instruments are allowed except the occasional sponsored brass band in the outfield. At birth, every baby beer snake is murdered. At your own risk, try to smuggle in an extra can. Oh, and festivities? Try to sneak that past a good pat-down. Any noise that needs to be generated must originate in the center. If it weren’t for the cracks that came from the middle of the bats of David Warner, Marnus Labuschagne, Head, and Steve Smith (with more to come from him), England couldn’t create the contagious tune that has been composed over the past 14 months.

Expect some or all of those mentioned above to be used as a justification behind closed doors, and ask whomever you turn to in prayer that it not be said aloud. There’s been enough discussion to last a lifetime. Six days into the series, England, by far the worst team, is seeing the entire narrative they worked so hard to create turn against them. Those who once praised now doubt. Their sharpest opponents are currently their most prominent supporters.

Now, just performance counts. And those on the field (who are supposed to be there) are suddenly finding themselves uniting similarly to English cricket and the world at a significant step up to fight harder in never-ending battles for progress. They must have the utmost faith that these are not similarly pointless situations.

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