Why is Cricket so well-liked in India?

Indian cricket

The most popular sport in contemporary India is Cricket

Before India gained independence from the British, Cricket was a captivating English Summer sport. However, it has become a lucrative game for the country’s amusement. The most popular sport in contemporary India is Cricket, which is religiously practiced by most Indians and unites them despite their diversity. There are a tremendous number of cricket lovers in India. Conversely, Hockey, India’s national sport, needs essential support and attention from the public, the government, and the media—India’s terrible Olympic performance. Despite a vast population, India consistently fails to produce athletes for sports other than Cricket. Even significant governmental and corporate investment in sports has yet to lead to meaningful outcomes.

Why is Cricket so well-liked in India?


Why is Cricket such a Popular Sport in India?

  1. The Indian cricket team is solid and receives enormous support. Appropriate stadiums, reliable commercial licenses, and supportive governments support the public’s passion for the sport.
  2. Cricket attracts big sponsors and investments because of its popularity. It might be said that Cricket attracts all the funding allocated to sports in the nation, harming other sports.
  3. The game of Cricket has an intriguing, endearing, and nearly religious format in our nation. It also helped India gain notoriety and glory. The cricket squad from India is well-known, has great expectations, and has produced some excellent performances.
  4. Major investments like the IPL have increased interest in Cricket, leading some people to reschedule their jobs. Indians are fervent cricket enthusiasts, and the sport has become contagious. Cricket is now more well-liked worldwide thanks to the IPL.
  5. China and Russia consistently win many gold medals in the Olympics, making the event bleak for Indian fans. As a result, these sports receive less attention in India. Up to 1980, only 8 of India’s gold medals came from hockey, and Abhinav Bindra, a shooter, got one gold in 2008.
  6. In our nation, sports are viewed as a hobby or a way to stay active, but never as a vocation! And Those that are interested in sports favor playing badminton or cricket, with everyone else believes that “there is no scope” for them. Parents do not support sports as a job, and sports are not taught as a way to make money in schools.

Why is cricket popular inindia  Motives on Why Other Sports Fail

  1. The absence of government funding is one of the critical causes of India’s underperformance in other sports. Additionally, India needs more facilities, funds, and commercial support to encourage other sports and athletes.
  2. Even when school-level athletes are drawn to sports other than Cricket, they cannot improve their skills due to India’s inadequate infrastructure for supporting athletes. There are no accolades, luxuries, and well-paying salaries for them. Equal consideration should be given to these sports and the athletes who participate in them.
  3. Other sports have lost their significance as a result of the extra attention that this baseball game receives here. Cricket is a gentleman’s game that we learned from the British; therefore, even though tennis, badminton, and other sports are also popular in India, we have shown more interest in this game than in our regional games like kabaddi, kho-kho, kushti, etc.

indian cricket

Taking Action for Other Sports

Indian sports government has been blamed for the failures thus far. Furthermore, issues in sports federations, including nepotism, fiefdom, non-answerability, and financial insufficiencies, have always existed. Few people managed and controlled the sport. Therefore, their scope of influence was limited, undoubtedly detrimental to the free and impartial patronage in many ways. India was previously invincible in hockey, but now it’s tough for them to qualify for the Olympics because of political influence and involvement, which lowers the standard.

The situation appears to be changing as of late because our Prime Minister and the Indian states have developed a deep interest in various sports. One move in this manner was Prime Minister Modi’s recent meeting with Olympic hopefuls to bolster their spirits before leaving for their Tokyo competitions.Increased financing for initiatives like Khelo India Games saw a rise of Rs 316.29 million, bringing the total to Rs 974 crore in 2021–22. The results will undoubtedly be evident in the ensuing years, at which point we can judge whether this monetary allocation has energized our sports organizations.

 Final Thoughts

Cricket receives favorable treatment from advertisers because of its considerable fan base. Beginning at the beginning is where the answer lies. The first step in changing the situation is for parents to support other sports. For the proper use of finances toward the prosperity of each sport, there is a need for more sports associations and government intervention. We now know why Cricket is so well-liked in India. It is incorrect to attribute India’s poor results in other sports to Cricket. Working from the ground up and developing the talent in each sport’s space should be incorporated into our tactics so that India excels in Cricket and all other sports. In India, several sports have great potential, but Cricket is given more weight than other sports.

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